DEGREASER - OOOZE (Extra Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cleaner)

  • $11.00

OOOZE MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER is an extra heavy duty multipurpose cleaner that has been formulated with special surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents to create an outstanding concentrated multipurpose cleaner. OOOZE MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER can be used to clean microfiber towels, buffing pads, washing dirty work clothes, clean carpets, shoes, wheels, white wall tires, engine bays, bugs and tar, shop machinery, or used to remove all waxes from the clear coat before clay baring, polishing or adding a fresh coat of wax. There are so many uses to list. Killerwaxx OOOZE MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER is your go to multipurpose cleaner.